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East Germany may be gone, but relics from a bygone soviet era can still be found throughout Berlin and the surrounding countryside. Abandoned places in Germany, with accounts of urban exploration. Includes locations in Magdeburg, Beelitz, Neuruppin, Goslar, Essen, Greußen, .

Ruins, derelict sites, abandoned buildings, Berlin. Mit Vergnügen recently asked me to write about abandoned places in and around the German capital. Lost places I visited or know about in Germany.

Abandoned large hospital complex, left in the 1990’s by russian military.

Largely thanks to its troubling past, Germany is home to a surprising number of abandoned buildings. Each of them has its own unique story, . It doesn’t matter how beautiful well known touristic spots in Germany are, the true adventurers and curious travellers will always look for some unpredictable. Germany may not embrace Halloween with the enthusiasm of other countries but it has more than its fair share of spooky places.

Amazing abandoned churches in Potsdam, Germany. Beelitz-Heilstätten, or Beelitz Sanatorium – Beelitz, Brandenburg, Germany. Urban explorer and photographer Anna S documented this abandoned church in Germany last year, as well as other eerie modern ruins also. Buy Abandoned Places in Germany 2017: A Fascinating View into a Forgotten World.

FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. Hospital X : one of the biggest State Hospital of the american East Coast, slowly abandoned due to the deinstitutionalization. Christian Richter spent his teens exploring abandoned buildings in what was then East Germany. Now, as an adult, he’s still doing it and . Pictures of the remains of a German explosives factory from the time of World War 2. Most Creepy Abandoned Places In The World That Will Scare You Silly.

Britain to provide protection against German air or naval raids during World War II. We have selected for you the most amazing abandoned places in Europe.