Cleanup windows installer folder

Is there a way to clean up that folder without killing Windows 8. My understanding is that this is where failed updates go to die, and it should not be this big. Some of the MSI and MSP files in the Windows Installer folder are orphaned.

The tool is available with The Windows Installer Clean Up Utility . Safely remove all orphaned patch and installer files from your windows installer directory in one easy click. I can find that is still available (compression, advanced disk cleanup, etc.) . Windows Installer Folder – Is it safe to delete – Pagestart.

This is a hidden system directory; it is used by the Windows Installer service to. If you remove files from this directory and have issues, you may need to. It lists installer files (msi) and patch files (msp) in the directory directly.

Searching I learned that Microsoft made an ‘Install clean up utile’ I think initialy . I noticed there is quite a lot of ‘garbage’ in this folder including programs.