Css cleaner

Format your CSS, HTML, and Javascript to beautify and cleanup your code for easier reading. Optimize your site by compressing your CSS and Javascript with . A free tool to clean up your dirty code.

Paste in your dirty code and hit “clean”. Fast and efficient CSS optimizer for node. The benefits of having clean, organized CSS are numerous. A site with immaculate CSS will load more quickly, appear more prominently in .

Code Beautifier CSS Formatter and Optimiser – Online CSS parser and Optimiser. Click Browse to select a file to upload. Don’t be a dick, the maximum file size per upload is 600KB. URI: Personalize your optimization.

This question appears to be off-topic. The users who voted to close gave this specific reason . CleanCSS is a Sublime Text package for beautifying your CSS. CleanCSS indents all your rules properly, aligns all the values by the colon, and sorts each . We all write code a little quickly sometimes.

This is a package which offers a helping hand to sort, align and clean your CSS and SASS.