Delete all facebook posts

How can I delete all posts on my page all at once instead of.

It’s time to delete those from once and for all, and I’m going to show you . I generally don’t want most of what I say hanging around longer . The extension will scan through your Activity Log and delete all posts matching the conditions. The deletion process may take a long time, . Because how the macro is created is all but impossible to describe, this . We’d Put All Our Money” On This StockThe Motley Fool. Go to your Activity Log, it’s under your cover photo. You will be selecting: Your Posts, Posts You’re Tagged In, Posts By Others.

Click on a pencil icon to the right . Must browse to Your Comments (or Your Likes) page of activity fee then pre-load the year you want to delete. Sir, you are looking for an option to delete all the the links in one go. Just thought I’d share in case anyone else wanted to start cleaning up the crap that’s been . A small sponge icon will show the progress as it automatically deletes all the posts you .