Ghost town belgium

Discover The Doomed City of Doel in Beveren, BelgiuGhost town in Belgium will lose its street art when it ceases to exist. Giovanna Dunmall: How did a 400-year-old Belgian village now threatened with.

Street art takes over the ghost town of Doel – in pictures. Doel is a village in Beveren that was partly abandoned and demolished to make way for the expanding of the Port of . Pictures and Postrock while walking around this ghost town.

Driving around in a ghost town in Belgium, some people still live there but it’s considered to be. Ghost town Doel Belgium is an abandone surreal village near Antwerp. Ghost Village Doel – Belgium – Duration: 7:56.

About a year ago maybe, I wrote a post about this abandoned ghost town in Belgium called Doel which had once been a fairly decent . Take a look at these amazing photographs of Belgium’s abandoned village, Doel, a ghost town that has become a giant canvas for street art.