Pokemon vgc rules

We’re excited to announce the new rules and regulations for the 20Pokémon Video Game Championship Series (VGC) season featuring the . To participate in any Championship Series tournament, you must be a player in good standing and abide by the Pokémon Tournament Rules and all other . Pokémon video game competitions will need to follow these new rules and regulations when building their teams and during battle.

The new format for the 20Pokémon Video Game Championships (VGC) season goes into effect on December 201 giving players a new . This ruleset enforces VGC 20rules. Distribution Period: December 7th 20- ? Battle Type: Single Battle Pokémon Restrictions: Alola .

The 20VGC World Championship Series is the first utilising the Pokémon Sun Moon games. As such, they introduce new rules to match, utilising the Alola . Rather than the standard rules of the prior year, this season allows for the use of more Pokémon, specifically all. The Pokémon Global Link, the website that links to Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon. The official rules for the 20Video Game Championships format have. For the full set of rules, see the 20Pokémon VGC rules document.

Rule variants are different sets of regulations players have to follow when engaging in Pokémon battles. Rule variants typically restrict the species, levels, items, .