Swipe android

The Swype keyboard for Android replaces pecking at letters with gliding your fingers over them. Swype automatically interprets your gesture . Sneller typen door Swype te installeren op Android.

Lees hier wat je er allemaal mee kunt doen. Swipe views allow the user to efficiently move from item to item using a simple gesture and thereby make browsing and consuming data a more fluent . Why sacrifice form or function when you can have both? Swype is even more customizable than ever.

Try the Original Swype Keyboard that Started it All – Accept No Imitations SWYPE . SWYPE – YOUR KEYBOARD FOR LIFE: Swype is all about YOU. Whether you’re a fast tapper, exact typer or a Swype Ninja, get ready for a better, faster . Download Swype on for your device. A list of platforms that Swype is available on.

We are thrilled to announce that the full version of . To Swype a wor start with your finger on the first letter of the word and trace a path from letter to letter, lifting your finger off of the screen after the last letter of . Android tip: How to type with a swipe (updated) Never quite got the hang of tap, tap, tapping on a touchscreen keypad?