Vgc 2017 teams

Now that Sun and Moon is out here is a list of the Top Pokemon teams so you can see some of the best Pokemon in VGC 2017. Slugfests: A VGC 20Teamberichtendec 2016Meer resultaten van pokemonforever. European International Championships VGC Masters Division.

Masters Division players who reached the top cut and the teams that got them there. Introduction: Ladies and Gents, I’m relatively new to VGC so i just wanted to run my team by you. Through watching matches and practicing on¬†. Team Report – VGC 20Sand Teamjan 2017Resource – VGC 17′ Sample Teams!

The Top teams from San Jose Regionals, held on the weekend of. The Top teams from Georgia Regionals, held on the weekend of January 14th РJanuary 15th, 2017. Top cut teams and usage statistics from the Regional Championship held in Buenos Aires, Argentina . The Top teams from Dallas Regionals, held on the weekend of December 31st 20- January 1st, 2017.

Utah Pokemon VGC Regional Championships Swag Bag and Review (